KCA Bike Stock

Many other bike clubs have their own bike stock, however, many other clubs that have bikes for use on club nights but do not let their members race them, we are quite the opposite, we want our bikes being used in races and we actively encourage competitive participation.

We have started creating a stock of race ready bikes for use by members in local, Regional and National race events. Clearly not all bikes will fit all riders, but the intention is to build stock of 3-5 bikes in each key discipline that will cater for most ages and sizes of riders.

As at September 2010 our bike stock is as follows:
3 x Road race bikes – Perfect for those wanting to try their hand before investing in their own bike
3 x Cyclo-cross bikes (will arrive in September) – Will be focussed on age range 8-10, 11-13 and 13-15
? x Mountain bikes – We are awaiting confirmation from a potential sponsor that may provide us with an annual loan of adult sized mountain bikes as this side of the club develops

The KCA bike stock will be run by Sowerby Brothers Cycles in Mirfield.

Bikes will be made available on a first come first serve basis for club members that have paid their annual subscription and are entering a competitive cycling event. In the event there are no competitive events it is possible to enquire about making use of a bike for a social purpose.

A contract will need to be signed when using club bikes competitively, you will be responsible for damage, breakage etc and we reserve the right to take a deposit before handing over any bike to any club member.

The pictures below are the current bikes owned by the KCA emblazoned with the logos of our generous sponsors for whom we would like to thank for their support.

As more bikes are added we will make pictures available. Thanks to Sowerby Brothers for supplying the bikes to the KCA at a discounted price in support of our efforts.

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