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Track Cycling was the sport that perhaps triggered the boost in popularity off the back of the hugely successful achievements at 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. We are fortunate to have the National Cycling Centre on our doorstep, but 45 minutes drive away in Manchester and we access this resource in a number of ways.


Club Cluster sessions

This is a British Cycling organised session every 6 weeks on average where riders from the age of 9 upwards can ride fixed gear race bikes under accredited coaching supervision. Access is only available to riders of Go-Ride Clubmark accredited clubs and we are one such club in the region eligible to participate.


Beyond the club cluster sessions access to racing at the National; Cycling Centre (or Velodrome as it s also known) is based on competing in a track league. There are Track Leagues from October to March for the more competitive cyclists on Monday, Tuesday & Friday


We have a lot of information available for KCA club members about joining and competing in track leagues.


Besides the indoor velodrome, there are other facilities in our area to compete on fixed gear bikes on a track and these now include Grass Track racing in Roundhay Park, Leeds, similar to riding at the Velodrome as far as equipment& events go but as the name suggests it takes place on a grass oval rather than a wooden one. Events start in late spring. there are outdoor tarmac track racing at both York and Scunthorpe.

 We look forward to helping you develop the skills and techniques to enjoy the excitement of track cycling.

Road Racing

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